1. Patrick Boyns

    A good start to the year

    Set amidst the beautiful scenery of the northern fells, Bassenfell Manor proved once again to be an ideal location for what has now become our annual winter family retreat. Following the success of last year’s event, we were fully booked this past weekend with every single one of the 69...
  2. Patrick Boyns

    Residential Study Week

    We are immensely excited to announce our first residential Study Week to be held in November 2017 in the Lake District in the north of England. This will be run along similar lines to our Study Weekends, inasmuch as we plan for an intensive study event, but being a residential...
  3. Patrick Boyns

    Filming at Corby

    For several days over the past couple of months the British Bible School building at Corby was transformed into a production studio as we began filming for our new Access Learning Programme. The main studio action for our first, pilot series, has now been filmed but we have a number...
  4. Patrick Boyns

    BBS at ABSS

    The Advanced Bible Study Series (ABSS) at Gemünden, near Frankfurt in Germany has a history spanning nearly five decades and for the last several years has had a teaching slot filled by the British Bible School. This year was the best attended in recent memory with several needing to stay at...