Online events

In addition to our long-standing teaching and training programmes, we are offering an increasing number of activities online – open to all with means of access. All this has essentially been made feasible through a general acceptance and growing familiarity with online conferencing. We offer:

  • two weekly Online Bible Classes
  • a weekly thought: ‘Something to think about’
  • a monthly Friday Evening Quiz to provide some light-hearted, educational entertainment
  • bi-monthly Saturday Evening Lectures Online on a variety of subjects. See here.

Our weekly Online Bible Classes

Our Online Bible Classes are open to anyone who wants to be a part of a live, online class, and who has access to a computer or similar object. You are free to be a part of whichever and however many classes you may choose. No enrolment or registration is necessary. Classes begin at 8 o’clock and access is generally provided up to 15 minutes before the hour. The links below will take you to the online Waiting Room from where you will be given access.

Where can I access these sessions?

Unlike our weekly thoughts: ‘Something to think about’ which we are continuing to host on YouTube, we’re hosting these classes on Zoom. You may want to download the Zoom client or app – you shouldn’t have to, but it would improve the experience if you did. Please find the schedule below. Clicking on the image or title should bring you to the relevant Zoom session. Thank you.

If you need help in accessing and using Zoom, please click here.

To download a full schedule of classes, please click here.

We have decided to record live online classroom sessions so as to make them available to those who wish to catch up or review the material presented in the classes. These will be available here.

Class schedule for twelve weeks from 8th January 2024

Poster for Triumph Tragedy TriumphMonday

8.00 pm ~ From Triumph to Tragedy to Triumph

From entering Jerusalem on a donkey, fulfilling ancient prophecy, and being greeted by a large crowd, Jesus embarked upon a turbulent journey which would ultimately lead to his unjust arrest and so-called trial. The betrayal, the humiliation, and the agony of all that led to his execution upon a Roman cross are well documented by the writers of the Gospels, all of whom lead us from the triumph, through tragedy to the triumph of the tomb in which no body lay.
The rest is history, our history – so join us on a journey of discovery.

Presenter: Mark Hill


Poster for Characters of ScriptureThursday

8.00 pm ~ Characters of Scripture

The Scriptures tell the story of God’s loving pursuit of mankind. The story is revealed in the context of all sorts of different relationships, and introduces us to some of the most fascinating characters we will ever meet along the way.
This series will be brought to us by a number of different presenters, sharing with us characters which have been of particular interest and significance in their walk with God. Join us on our journeys as we are introduced to both new and familiar faces, each one sharing with us something of their story – the story of God and us.

Presenter: Various


Poster for Quiz night 4Every First Friday

8.00 pm ~ Bible Quiz Time!

Some light-hearted, educational, entertainment! This really is for everyone – nothing too testing (promise!). You might want to have a pen and paper handy – plus a box of choccies to award yourself if you happen to win – or even if you don’t. We’d love to present these personally, but under the circumstances …

For the current period we will hold this every first Friday of the month.

Presenter: Steve Whitehead