A brief history

Founded in 1979 as a two-year, full time residential programme, the School served nearly 200 students from every inhabited continent. Graduates are now serving in over two dozen countries across the globe.

British Bible School Corby

  • Following the closure of the Belfast-based North Ireland Bible School which had operated since 1969, the British Bible School was opened in Corby, Northamptonshire in England. The town, with strong Scottish connections, a thriving congregation of believers and good supply of available teachers was seen as the ideal location for a Bible School to serve the needs of British congregations of Christ.
  • The first director of the School was Joe Nisbet, who had previously directed the school in Belfast. Both Frank Worgan and Albert Winstanley served as full-time teachers, with a number of others teaching on a regular basis.
  • Over the years, the decreasing number of British students coming to the school was compensated by an increase in number of overseas students coming from as far afield as New Zealand, India and the Philippines. Most of these are now serving Christ faithfully in their homelands.

In 2009 the school reviewed its operation to provide better opportunities for needs closer to home. The introduction of the Distance Learning Programme enabled a growing number of students to access the curriculum on a part-time basis from home. Access was further increased through the introduction of an Extension Class Programme which allows the Applied Biblical Studies curriculum to be taught in classroom settings anywhere in the United Kingdom and even into parts of Western Europe.

More recently, the launch of our In-House Training options has given congregations the opportunity to access training in a number of areas directly relevant to local mission needs.

And even more recently the introduction of our Online Extension Programme enables students to study our Applied Biblical Studies curriculum in live, online classes.