About the School

The British Bible School is an independent Bible school and resource provider serving believers and congregations, primarily in the U.K., but also further afield through the Internet. With an emphasis on mission, we believe that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, being breathed by God through his servants from the first words of Genesis to the final words of Revelation. We also believe that its teachings are as relevant and vital to God’s people today as ever they have been.


The School began as a full-time, residential project in 1979 in Corby, in the East Midlands of England. During its residential years, over 160 men and women graduated and are now serving Christ in many different capacities throughout the world.

A brief history


Nowadays all our students are studying part-time on a non-residential basis. Students are accessing our main curriculum through our Extension Class, Online Extension and Distance Learning Programmes.

Biblical Studies


In addition to our assessed-learning curriculum, we offer a number of In-House Training options to benefit the work of congregations in more practical areas, such as LeadershipMissional Outreach and Congregational Growth.