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Patrick Boyns with Jim McGuiggan at ABSS at Gemünden

Patrick Boyns with Jim McGuiggan at ABSS at Gemünden

The Advanced Bible Study Series (ABSS) at Gemünden, near Frankfurt in Germany has a history spanning nearly five decades and for the last several years has had a teaching slot filled by the British Bible School. This year was the best attended in recent memory with several needing to stay at nearby hotels. Jim McGuiggan, who was instrumental in beginning the School’s predecessor in Belfast, was the main speaker, with our slot being filled by Patrick Boyns who presented sessions on the distinctive nature of Christian leadership.

A highlight of this year’s event was the presence of three other graduates of the British Bible School from Europe. Ruben and Matilda Brugmen from the Netherlands were there, as also was Shkelqim (Cimi) Kafexhiu with his wife, Anila. Both Matilda and Cimi were among a number of students who came to us from Albania, where Cimi still lives and works in the city of Durrës. Matilda married Ruben some years after graduating from the School and both now serve in The Hague. It really was a delight to see them all after so many years, and to know that God is still using them in his work.