James in Northampton

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We have just concluded the second of our two Study Weekends at Northampton for this spring. Patrick Boyns, Jon Galloway and John Griffiths taught our Module on “A Letter from James” (NEW17) over the two weekends, providing some 16 hours of in-depth classroom-based teaching.

Jon teaching a session at Northampton

Jon teaching a session at Northampton

The classes were well attended, with a number able to be present for every session over the two weekends. We had some very encouraging class discussions and it was evident that minds were very much engaged in a very positive fashion.

This Module has recently been taught in a number of locations around the country, enabling many more to access at least a small part of the British Bible School curriculum than were able to during the days of our full-time residential programme.

Most of those on our teaching staff taught during our residential programme at Corby, either on a full-time basis or as visiting teachers, and they bring a wealth of experience to these events. At a time when information is all too readily available on the internet, the value of experience should never be underestimated.

Our Study Weekends are excellent opportunities for students of Jesus to immerse themselves in periods of intense Bible study focusing on particular sections of Scripture. In addition to the classroom experience, there is also opportunity to complete additional assignments to fulfil the Module requirements for the British Bible School Applied Biblical Studies curriculum.