1. Patrick Boyns

    Reading Launch Event

    The Launch Event at Reading proved to be another useful occasion in the ongoing development of our new programmes. A good deal of interest was expressed in the possibility of studying the curriculum from home and a good number of questions addressed. If others are interested in hosting a Launch...
  2. Patrick Boyns

    Upcoming Events

    Look out for upcoming events near you … Kirkcaldy – on Saturday, 28th November we will be holding a Taster Day at Kirkcaldy. Patrick Boyns and Mark Hill will be presenting sessions from various areas of the school’s curriculum. Plans are to conduct sessions from the modules: “The United Kingdom...
  3. Patrick Boyns

    Launch Event at Loughborough

    We were back at Loughborough later this week for the first of a number of Distance Learning Programme Launch Events we are planning to hold around the country. A good number turned up to listen to presentations on the rationale for the programme, within the context of the history and...
  4. Patrick Boyns

    Mission IS possible

    Look out for our new postcard adverts! The Publicity Group recently commissioned Aubrey Boyns to design a postcard around the theme ‘Mission is possible’ and this is what he has come up with – we are delighted! With an increased emphasis on mission, the idea is to promote the opportunities...
  5. Patrick Boyns

    Panel programme filmed

    This afternoon saw further progress in the preparation of the Distance Learning Programme as several gathered at Loughborough to film the first of a series of panel discussion programmes aimed at illustrating various approaches to understanding the Bible. Under the chairmanship of Module One Tutor, Steven Whitehead, our guest panellists,...