Aberdeen weekends

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Some of the students during a Saturday session

This past weekend we conducted the second of two Study Weekends hosted by the Aberdeen congregation this month. This concluded our study of “A Letter from James” (NEW17) in which teachers Patrick Boyns and Ian Starrs delivered some 16 hours of classroom based material. In addition to the textual study, material was also presented on missional aspects of the book and the prevalent themes it features.

This is the third time in recent months that this Module has been presented, and we’ll be back in Northampton to present it for a fourth time in just a couple of weeks. However, if you have missed out there might yet still be opportunity to study this Module with us as we continue to look for further venues where we can conduct weekends like this.

Ian Starrs presenting a session at the recent Study Weekend

Ian Starrs presenting a session at the recent Study Weekend

Our Study Weekends are excellent opportunities for students of Jesus to immerse themselves in periods of intense Bible study focusing on particular sections of Scripture. In addition to the classroom experience, there is also opportunity to complete additional assignments to fulfil the Module requirements for the British Bible School Applied Biblical Studies curriculum.

If you have recently attended one of our Study Weekends and would like to leave us some feedback, please complete the brief survey form here. We are always looking for ways in which we might improve what we do, so all helpful comments are welcome. Thank you.

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