BiBloS Magazine

BiBloS is a new teaching magazine published by the British Bible School three times each year. Written primarily by teachers and others working with the School, each issue will have a variety of articles, word studies, reviews and other focus areas. It will be available only in an online format, downloadable from the web site.

Each issue will have a featured theme, though not all articles will necessarily follow this. Supplementary material will be made available here on the web site wherever appropriate.

BiBloS 01 - March 2015 small

BiBloS Issue 1

BiBloS 02-July 2015 211:300 v. small

BiBloS Issue 2

BiBloS 03-March 2016 211:300 v. small

BiBloS Issue 3


Why “BiBloS”?

Read the first issue!

Aims of BiBloS

  • To provide very good to high quality articles in various areas of Biblical studies and related subjects.
  • To both directly and indirectly promote the work of the British Bible School.
  • To encourage readers to engage more with the Bible, both through reading and more structured study.

Ethos of BiBloS

  • A fresh approach, free from traditional restraints, other than those imposed by Scripture.
  • A non-exclusive style, equally accessible by all regardless of their affiliations and therefore avoiding any in-house exclusivity.
  • To be reader-friendly whilst also remaining academically sound, though with an overall missional emphasis throughout.
  • Careful use of language to avoid jargon and all unnecessary ecclesiolinguistics (or ‘church-speak’).


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