Training in mission

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In addition to teaching our main curriculum of Applied Biblical Studies, we also offer a number of In-House Training options for local congregations aimed at encouraging and equipping believers in their service for Jesus.

IMG_1989Recently we were at East Kilbride, in Scotland, conducting training in Missional Outreach. Though our training options are generally more practical than our Biblical studies, we believe it is important that every aspect of our service should be rooted in clearly understood Biblical principles.

The idea of the training seminar is not to provide a formula or a set of plans which, if implemented,  would cause thousands to be immersed the following Sunday morning. There is no ‘quick fix’ solution available for the ongoing task of reaching out for Christ in the 21st century. The purpose of the event is to try to help better understand the importance of outreach within the whole context of God’s purpose for mankind.

So we spent the first of four main sessions considering the nature of the Mission of God and our place within it. Much of the remainder of the day was spent considering the world in which we live, the nature of the barriers that exist as we try to share the simple message of Jesus in a culturally diverse world, and the values we should embrace if we are to engage in the mission of God today.