BiBloS Issue 2


BiBloS 02-July 2015 smallSince we launched this little magazine earlier this year, we have been encouraged by the positive response and delighted to see the subscription list grow. We hope you find this, the second offering, to be as useful and encouraging as the first. You may download it now by clicking on the cover image to the right.

We have again included an assortment of articles, word studies, reviews and other focus areas – some of which have picked up from where we left off the last time. We recognise that the short articles are just that, rather short, and though they can never really begin to deal with matters in any depth we hope they at least provide something of an introduction to the matters raised.

We didn’t really begin with a particular theme for this issue, but there has developed something of a thread along the lines of story-telling which runs through a number of articles here. That in itself has become something of a lost art, but one to which each of us can contribute by telling our own story of how God has worked and is working within us to make us the people he wants us to be.

You might find it useful to consult our web site for additional information and a little background to some of the articles, along with some suggestions for further reading.

Don't miss an issueBiBloS is to be published in an online format, three times each year, and downloadable from our web site. We certainly welcome any feedback you care to give, and ideas of how we make it better – we just ask that you be gracious!

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share it far and wide. And may this be a blessing to us all, that we might be a blessing to the world in which we live.


  1. The Expired Word?

    The English word ‘inspiration’ has an interesting history, dating from perhaps the early part of the 14th century. The basic underlying idea is of an external influence or stimulation producing extraordinary effects within a given object or person. Within theology,...
  2. Perfect Unicorns

    I am old enough to remember an advert for CDM. It was a good advert and I enjoyed it because I was a great fan of CDM; it was my favourite chocolate. It still would be if I had not...


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