Teaching and training for mission in life

With a flexible approach to teaching and training, we offer a variety of options to help equip the people of God for the mission of God through the Word of God.

Our Mission

We want to help prepare others to teach the Word to all the world, wherever our world might be. We want to help equip men and women of God to serve according to the abilities he has given us. And we aim to do this by offering:
    • Structured learning opportunities through our Distance Learning, Extension Class and Online Extension Programmes.
    • Practical In-House Training options for congregations or small groups.
    • A wealth of experience in mission and Bible study to share with others.
    • Personal tutoring for all students enrolled on our Applied Biblical Studies course.
    • Development of The Book Programme – a video-based learning project.
    • Annual Family Retreats to encourage others within a spiritual environment.

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