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    Big Black Dictionaries

    Over recent years the way many of us use reference books has changed. If I cannot remember whether Thingummy was the father or son of Whatsisname, or how many Ls there should be in Maher-shalal-hash-baz, or how many miles there are to Babylon I no longer turn to my trusty...
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    From Byblos to BiBloS

    If you do not like what I am writing you can decide to boycott me. I hope you won’t take such drastic action and please, whatever you do, don’t lynch me. I am sure you have heard the words boycott and lynch and no, they were not the opening batsmen...
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    The Source of Authority in Christianity

    As in any area of life, authority is exercised in some form or another, both by individuals and groups, throughout the world of Christianity. Leadership takes on so many varied forms that believers often become confused as to what constitutes legitimate practice of Biblical authority. Some Christians in positions of...