Distance Learning Programme

Books shapeEach year, more and more people are discovering the benefits of studying part-time from home – at their own pace and in their own place. In recent years distance learning has enabled many to pursue courses of study that would otherwise have been inaccessible – whether through time or travel restrictions.

Our Distance Learning Programme is being developed to help meet the needs of students who are looking for a structured course of study in the Bible and Bible-related subjects on a part-time basis. Why not join a growing number of students who are already benefiting from studying with us through distance learning and enjoying being a part of the BBS family?

How does it work?

First you will need to enrol as a student of the British Bible School. This is a fairly straightforward process. You will need to complete and submit an Enrolment Form.

You will then need to register for the Module you are wanting to study. Please use this Module Registration Form.

You will be assigned a tutor for each module who will help guide you through the module, assess your submitted assignments and be there to provide any help you might need along the way.

All material will be available online. For some modules, UK students may receive printed material in a folder, if they so wish, though audio or video content will still be made available online. Clear instructions will be provided to guide the student through each unit of the module.

Students then work through the material, completing assignments as instructed. Modules are designed to be both challenging and informative, encouraging students to think for themselves. As far as is possible, use will be made of the internet to send and receive material online.

At the completion of each module, students are encouraged to continue on to another of their choice.

What does it cost?

The British Bible School has never charged for tuition so all charges made are to cover the costs of material and other expenses. This makes the course remarkably inexpensive. The cost for the first module: Introduction to Bible Study (INT01) is currently just £10. Subsequent modules are currently priced at £15 for 5-point modules and £25 for 10-point modules. Payment can be made either via cheque or online – please see payments page.

Students will also need to have access to a number of essential core books. These are detailed in the first module and can generally be borrowed or purchased at very reasonable rates.

How many modules are available?

Currently only a handful of modules are available and the work of transferring material to distance learning format is ongoing. This is a time-consuming process as we are striving to maintain high standards throughout.

Due to the practical nature of some modules within our curriculum, these are likely to become available only through our Extension Class Programme.