1. Patrick Boyns

    Looking for friends?

    One of the blessings of this past year has been the opportunity to engage with a wider audience, both at home and abroad. It is somewhat ironic that this has been the result of lockdowns and social distancing, but such has been the extraordinary effect of online conferencing. So as...
  2. Patrick Boyns

    The arrival of BiBloS

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our new teaching magazine, BiBloS. Having been in the planning process for quite some time, we were delighted to finally publish the first issue which is available for free download here. For a while we have been wanting to publish a little...
  3. Patrick Boyns

    Reading Launch Event

    The Launch Event at Reading proved to be another useful occasion in the ongoing development of our new programmes. A good deal of interest was expressed in the possibility of studying the curriculum from home and a good number of questions addressed. If others are interested in hosting a Launch...
  4. Patrick Boyns

    Upcoming Events

    Look out for upcoming events near you … Kirkcaldy – on Saturday, 28th November we will be holding a Taster Day at Kirkcaldy. Patrick Boyns and Mark Hill will be presenting sessions from various areas of the school’s curriculum. Plans are to conduct sessions from the modules: “The United Kingdom...