Biblical Studies

Though we are currently developing a new Access Learning Programme, our primary emphasis in the area of Biblical study is our Applied Biblical Studies course. This is delivered within a modular curriculum and examines the Biblical text along with a number of related subjects. With a focus on mission, the academic approach is well balanced with one of a more practical nature.

Applied Biblical Studies

The curriculum is accessible either through our Distance Learning Programme or via our Extension Class Programme through study events held in a variety of locations. Students study part-time, enabling them to continue with their regular lives and occupations whilst developing their understanding of the Bible and growing in their service for Christ.

Students may study modules both through distance learning and through extension classes whilst working towards British Bible School internal awards, the highest of which is our British Bible School Diploma of Applied Biblical Studies.

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** Please note that at this time we do not offer a full-time residential programme as we have in the past **

All our current students study on a part-time basis from their own locations, making use of occasional short-term residential events as available.


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