1. BBS

    Meeting on Leading at Tooting

    The congregation of believers at Tooting in South London hosts an annual lectureship addressing various issues of Leadership. Patrick Boyns had been asked to speak at this year’s event at the end of May on Challenges Facing Leadership. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with brothers and sisters in...
  2. Patrick Boyns

    Training day at Great Barr

    This past Saturday we conducted a Praise and Worship Training Day at Great Barr in Birmingham. Unlike most of our training events, which are primarily aimed at ‘in-house’ participation within a single congregation, this was advertised further afield and provided the content for Great Barr’s Bible Seminar. A number of BBS students, past...
  3. Patrick Boyns

    Training in Aberdeen

    We held our first In-House Trainingevent at the end of February. The congregation at Aberdeen had requested a training day on ‘Outreach’ – one of the seven options being made available. Patrick travelled north and presented four sessions, focusing on the missional aspect of outreach, and emphasising the need for the whole body to be...