Training at East Kilbride

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A challenging time, working through one of the group assignments!

There can come a time, in many areas of life, where we simply need to get back to basics in order to remind ourselves of what it’s really all about or to relearn those first principles upon which all else is built. Either we forget things we once knew, or we slowly lose sight of them as we become preoccupied by details and more developed principles. To go back to basics is not a sign of retreat, but rather of consolidation and reinforcement.

Back to Basics

Not too long ago we were at Scholar’s Gate in East Kilbride conducting an In- House Training day on Back to Basics. It is a training option we developed based on our experiences of working with a number of congregations and is based partly on material from one of our Distance Learning Programme modules. Patrick Boyns and Ian Starrs presented the material and led the practical sessions that made up the day. We covered four main areas:

  • What is ‘Bible study’ and why do it?
  • Some basic facts and figures
  • A little bit about how we got the Bible
  • Some practical ideas

Our training events encourage active participation

The emphasis of this training option is really to encourage people, in practical ways, to read their Bibles more and to do so in a better informed and more profitable fashion. There is a sense in which the people of God are always to be a ‘People of the Book’. Sadly, that is not always the way it seems. I am fully persuaded that any congregation would benefit by taking advantage of this training option and following through with its practical recommendations.

If you are interested in arranging a training day for your congregation, please take a look on our website at the various options available. We are more than happy to tailor these to your local needs and be as flexible as you need us to be with regards to timings. You might even want to consider hosting an In-House Training event to form the focus for a congregational retreat ‘away from it all’ in a rented location. That could lend a great deal of flexibility as to what might actually be achieved.