The need for training

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As a Bible School, we ought to be ‘big’ on training. It’s really important to be able to access good quality training in order to do what we do to the very best of our God-given abilities. After all, as servants of the Living God, would we really want to offer him any less than our very best? We understand that he more than makes up for anything we might lack, and that his strength is seen in and through our weaknesses, but that is no excuse for even thinking of serving him in a manner that is less than the best we have to offer.


Group activity during recent training at East Kilbride, Scotland

Sitting around the table at a recent governors’ meeting, I am aware of some of the additional training some of our number have undertaken in recent years. Some have trained in aspects of guidance and counselling, others in matters of theology and missiology. Then there are some who have training in archaeology and anthropology (apologies for all the ‘ologies’!). And there are some with training in publishing, child protection, videography, leadership. All these have contributed to our service both as individuals and as a group.

Following our planning meeting we spent the afternoon undertaking some internal training in the processes of script-writing for studio video production. The development of our new Access Learning Programme is heavily dependent in the video production department and for this to be effective we need to get the preparation, or pre- production process just right.

The plan is to film about 50 lessons during the autumn with a view to launching the programme by the end of the year, but before that takes place an immense amount of work is needing to be done. If there are any reading this with an interest in this sort of project, why not get in touch and see if you might be able to play a part?

Believing that training is essential to improving every aspect of our service, we want to encourage congregations of whatever age or size to invest in at least one training day per year. This need not be more than half a dozen hours on a Saturday – or a Sunday. Coming together as a group of believers, focusing on one area of congregational life, can be a truly rewarding experience and enhance the life of a congregation significantly.

You may well already be aware of the training options that we offer, from Missional outreach to Congregational growth and Leadership to Praise and worship – and more. Please look at the ‘Training’ section of our web site for further details and to book an event.