Meeting on Leading at Tooting

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The congregation of believers at Tooting in South London hosts an annual lectureship addressing various issues of Leadership. Patrick Boyns had been asked to speak at this year’s event at the end of May on Challenges Facing Leadership. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with brothers and sisters in Christ from a number of ¬†London congregations, many of whom have had little connection with the British Bible School.

Patrick Boyns with Sydney Lewis at Tooting

Patrick Boyns with Sydney Lewis at Tooting

The congregation in Tooting meets less than five miles from where Patrick was born and went to school, and yet it had been many years since he had been in the area. Most of the London congregations seem to be made up from ethnic minorities, both second and third generation immigrants and also more recent newcomers. But it is such a great encouragement to see the good news of Jesus being shared and assemblies of his people growing in his grace and knowledge.

Whilst there he had the opportunity to spend some time with¬†Sydney Lewis, a teacher working with the group of believers in Lewisham. Sydney is a graduate of the British Bible School having been a student in the second class from 1980-82. The two hadn’t met for at least 20 years, so it was a real joy to meet again. He’s pictured here with Patrick after the event.