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Look out for upcoming events near you …

Kirkcaldy – on Saturday, 28th November we will be holding a Taster Day at Kirkcaldy. Patrick Boyns and Mark Hill will be presenting sessions from various areas of the school’s curriculum. Plans are to conduct sessions from the modules:

“The United Kingdom of Israel” (OLD05)
“Galatians” (NEW09)
“The History & Development of Biblical Texts” (GEN01)
“Leadership” (PRA06)

The day’s events will commence at 10 am and will include 4 sessions with inter-session breaks. Things should finish by no later than 4 pm. A light lunch will be supplied and the congregation would appreciate knowing how many will be present for catering purposes.
Reading – on Sunday, 6th December, the Reading congregation will be hosting a Distance Learning Programme Launch event after their weekly assembly. More details to follow shortly.
Bristol – we will be travelling west to Bristol on Saturday, 12th December for another Taster Day – look out for more details!