Study weekend at East Kilbride

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page57_blog_entry7_1If attendance is anything to go by, then our second Study Weekend held at East Kilbride on 12th and 13th June was equally as successful as the first one, just three weeks before. Those able to return for the second weekend did so, along with a number of others joining us for the first time. We mostly kept to the same format, providing an intensive period of learning over a relatively short amount of time. We continued with the second half of our module on ‘The History & Development of Biblical Texts’ (GEN01).

Classes began on Friday evening with a review quiz followed by an introduction to the text of the New Testament. On the Saturday we looked at the manuscripts and ancient versions bearing witness to the text before considering some of the processes of textual reconstruction. Students spent a total of just over nine hours in class over the weekend, being more than adequately catered for by the ladies of the local congregation who did an admirable job (once again).

page57_blog_entry7_2One of our students, Nick Wilson from Hyvot’s Bank gave a class presentation on the Lindisfarne Gospels – a splendid Vulgate manuscript copied on the Holy Island and arguably the finest example of Anglo Saxon/Celtic art known to exist.

We look forward to conducting Study Weekends on a regular basis throughout the U.K. These may be based on any one of our modules. If you are interested in hosting one in your area – please do get in touch.