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One of the blessings of this past year has been the opportunity to engage with a wider audience, both at home and abroad. It is somewhat ironic that this has been the result of lockdowns and social distancing, but such has been the extraordinary effect of online conferencing. So as we look ahead there are now so many more opportunities to serve, even beyond this current crisis, and we look forward to meeting the challenges they present.

Friends of Bible School poster 300Just under a year ago we launched a new initiative to better enable others to help with this work through a monthly donation. Called “Friends of the Bible School”, we are initially looking for a hundred ‘friends’ to contribute £10 each month (or more, if you prefer). This will help provide us with a useful monthly working budget, and provide funding for regular expenses, online classes, additional travel costs, video production costs, website development as well as help towards funding teachers.

Since we are now registered with the Charity Commission, not only is your donation eligible for Gift Aid, but as a ‘Friend of the Bible School’ you will also be a member of the British Bible School charity and so be able to be involved in the workings of the School. As a Friend of the Bible School:

  • you will be helping to support the work of the British Bible School as we continue to serve through teaching and training in the Word.
  • you will receive regular news updates of events and activities – including goings on behind the scenes.
  • you will become a member of the British Bible School charity, thereby having opportunity to be involved at General Meetings.
  • you will receive a personal copy of our Annual Report.

If you would like to be a ‘Friend of the Bible School’ then please click here for further details. You will find there a simple registration form, and also the means to sign up for Gift Aid if you are eligible. If you are wanting to donate from overseas, then there is a simple way to do that too and we can send you relevant banking details.

What better way could there be to start the new year?

We thank you for your continued interest and support of this work, and we look forward to serving together in all sorts of ways in 2021.