Looking beyond 2020

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People talk about things returning to some semblance of normality, but the likelihood is that things will not ever be the same again. Of course, that could be said of life in general as each day brings new opportunities and leaves behind past experiences, but life beyond this current crisis will likely be significantly different from life BC.

In some ways, some of us may find this a little disconcerting, but I am persuaded that many positive changes have already come about. We have been particularly impressed by the continued enthusiasm for our Online Bible Classes, so much so that we are looking forward to a new programme of activities beginning in the new year. All this has essentially been made feasible through a general acceptance and growing familiarity with online conferencing.

Starting in January we will continue to offer two weekly Online Bible Classes, a Sunday Morning Message (for as long as movements are restricted) and a weekly Friday Evening Quiz. We will also start hosting a number of Evening Lectures Online on a variety of subjects, once every two months.

Online Extension Programme

INT02 OEP 2021 poster 300Perhaps the most significant development is that we will be offering opportunities to study our Applied Biblical Studies curriculum modules in online, weekly two-hour classes. These will be open to anyone interested in more in-depth, structured classes, but numbers will be limited. Our current plan is to offer three modules per year.

Unlike our weekly Online Bible Classes, students will need to enrol for these classes and a nominal fee will apply. There will also be additional class assignments which students will be expected to complete – all designed to enhance the learning experience. Smaller classes will also enable greater class participation and give better opportunity for useful discussion.

The first module on offer from Tuesday, 5th January will be “The Authority of Scripture” (INT02), one of our introductory modules which explores the processes by which the Scriptures came to be written, from revelation to compilation, with an emphasis on their authoritative role in our lives. Details, including a syllabus, can be found on our website.