Graham A. Fisher (1941-2021)

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Graham Fisher editGraham Fisher who died on 30th March 2021 aged 79 was a long-standing friend and supporter of the work of the British Bible School and more recently a governor.

He was part of the post-war generation that was able to go from grammar school on to university and then into a profession. He received his degree in Geography and American Studies from Keele University and was later awarded an MEd in the Philosophy of Religion and Religious Education from Liverpool University. He taught in schools in Merseyside for twenty-one years, first as a Geographer and later as Head of Religious Knowledge.

As editor of the ‘Christian Worker’ from 1987 to 2014, Graham was always ready to make space for news from the British Bible School and over the years was able to help many graduates by publicising their appeals. We can think of those in Ghana, India, Malawi, Pakistan, Philippines, and no doubt elsewhere who are grateful for the funds they have received thanks to the ‘Christian Worker’. Graham was also a faithful personal financial supporter of the School as he shared our desire to make the word of God better known both among believers and to those who have yet to meet Jesus.

Wearing one of his other hats, as a trustee of the Tom Blackmore Literature Fund, he was always ready to support appeals for new books for the BBS Library and when we were trying to raise the money to buy a facsimile of the Codex Sinaiticus for use as a teaching aid he donated the residue of money in his Eye-Opener Publishing account, which was mainly the surplus raised from sales of the hymnbook he co-edited with Albert Winstanley, Favourite Hymns of the Church (1995).

IMG_8889_1Graham was a regular visiting teacher at Corby, coming in to lead a one-day workshop on Jonah as part of the Old Testament curriculum. Inevitably, students would be given a gift of one or both of his books: Speak Through the Earthquake, Wind and Fire (1982) and Why Believe in Adam? (1990). He was guest speaker at the 2004 graduation ceremony. After the residential programme at Corby was suspended in 2009, Graham willingly accepted the invitation to serve as a governor of the British Bible School, attending meetings at Corby and, later, Northampton and even on occasion hosting them – with help from his wife Barbara – at their home in North Marston. Although his declining health made it impossible for Graham to contribute as a teacher, he was always a positive presence at meetings whether in person, or more recently, on-line. While we will miss his meticulous attention to detail and his willingness to think outside the box, we know his contribution to the work of the British Bible School and to the people of God, both nationally and internationally, will not soon be forgotten.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his widow Barbara and their children Sarah and Arthur.

Steven Whitehead