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Ever since things ceased being ‘normal’ – sometime back in March last year – we have endeavoured to adapt and improvise as best as we can. It was always clear that simply trying to replicate normal activities online was never going to be a viable option, nor one that seemed particularly useful, so over the months we have introduced a number of initiatives to further our aims of helping equip the people of God for the mission of God through the Word of God.

Evening Lectures Online

Last weekend we launched our Evening Lectures Online which are scheduled for Saturday evenings, once every two months. They will be on a wide variety of subjects – many of which are not necessarily associated with other material being presented through our curriculum – and will be presented by both regular and visiting speakers.

Our first event was “The Bible in the British Museum” and we were taken on a virtual tour by Patrick Boyns of the museum with pictures and explanations of numerous artefacts illustrating aspects of the Biblical narrative. We were delighted to see so many attend this first event, and although provision for extra places had been made in advance, we were sorry that a significant number were unable to gain access.

In light of this we have decided to rerun this event on Saturday, 20th February 2021 and would be delighted to have you join us then. You can find more details on our website and on our Facebook page.

Other regular activities

Our Sunday Morning Messages are broadcast on YouTube each week at 10 o’clock. Our now regular Online Bible Classes are continuing each Monday and Thursday evenings on Zoom with studies on the books of Daniel and 1st Peter; and on Friday evenings we have our weekly, online quiz.

We are now well into the first term of our Online Extension Programme, studying our Module on The Authority of Scripture. We have a full class of a dozen students actively engaged in this first Module offered online, with more Modules planned for two more terms later this year.