Another school year

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Looking ahead to the start of a new school year we are finding plenty of opportunities to serve God through teaching his word and helping train others in the service of Christ. With five Study Weekends before the end of the year, a number of new enrolments in our Distance Learning Programme, continued In-House Training opportunities and a weekend retreat just into the new year, we are praying that God will continue to use us in many ways to help encourage and equip others in the words of faith.

Our Study Weekends in Wembley and Livingston will be based on the Letters of Peter, and those in East Kilbride on the Letter from James. These are excellent opportunities to find good quality teaching by teachers experienced in their particular fields. These events are intentionally intense periods of study, and opportunity is always given to study further in these areas following the weekends.

The January family retreat held last year for the first time beside Bassenthwaite Lake in Cumbria will, in 2016, be hosted by the British Bible School. We will be retaining the same essential format and will welcome individuals and families of all shapes and sizes. Please be looking out for further details of this very shortly. The dates for your diary are 22nd to 24th January 2016.

BiBloS 02-July 2015 homepageBy the time you read this the second issue of our new teaching magazine, BiBloS, will have been published. If you haven’t seen this before then we encourage you to sign up for it on our website or Facebook page. You may download it or read it from our website for free. The new issue contains articles on Mark’s Gospel, Biblical chronology, parables, the authority of narrative, and much more besides. And it’s all free!

Perhaps our most ambitious project this coming year will be the launch of our new Access Learning Programme. Still in stages of preparation, we are hoping to have the first series of this video-based project available for distribution within just a few months. Each lesson requires significant planning, even before the production stages, and your prayers for its progress are appreciated.

We are also in need of continued financial help, and urge congregations and individuals, who are able, to contribute something on a monthly basis if at all possible. The work of the School has developed considerably over the past few years and has the potential to do much in further helping to teach and train both individuals and congregations throughout the land.

May the people of God in this land be blessed that through us God might truly bless the people of this land.


* This article was originally published in the Christian Worker September 2005.