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When everything began to change at the Bible School a number of years ago – that is, when the full-time residential programme was suspended and we began pursuing ways in which we might continue teaching others to teach others the Word – we thought the best way to do that was likely through our Distance Learning Programme. Though we have continued to develop this programme, albeit a much more time-demanding process than we had first imagined, our Extension Class Programme is proving to be every bit as much of a useful tool in our teaching toolbox.

Mark teaching at Northampton 3-15

Mark Hill teaching at Northampton

Our recent classes in Aberdeen and Northampton have demonstrated that when potential students (and that includes anyone) are aware of a Study Event taking place and are able to take advantage of the opportunity, they soon also become aware of the benefits of such periods of intensive, structured study. Though only a few may currently be taking advantage of going that one step further and enrolling on our Applied Biblical Studies course, the growing interest demonstrated by repeat attendance at these events is most encouraging.

The fact that we now essentially have more British student/hours in the classroom per year than we did during the latter years of the full-time residential programme is not insignificant. Of course, the context is entirely different, but we have good reason to believe that we are at least beginning to address the immense need for continuous indigenous training so vital for sustaining any national mission endeavour. But there is so much more to do.