First study weekend

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page57_blog_entry6_1Our first Study Weekend, held at East Kilbride in Scotland, was very well attended and seemed to be well received. Unlike a ‘typical’ study day, the weekend provided an intense period of learning covering the first half of our module on ‘The History & Development of Biblical Texts’ (GEN01). Classes began on Friday evening and concluded on the Saturday with students being ‘in class’ for a total of nine hours over the weekend.

The weekend covered approximately half of the module and included an introduction to textual transmission along with a study of the development of the Old Testament text. The second half of the module will be covered at the next study weekend to be held from 12th to 13th June at the same location. Here students will look at the development of the New Testament text and begin to examine the processes of textual reconstruction from the evidences available.

Whilst a number of those who attended the first study weekend are simply wanting to take part in the class sessions, several are planning to undertake the assignments which include an in-class presentation and essay to be submitted at a later date. The module counts towards internal certificates for which a number of students are working. All are welcome to attend the next study weekend – even if you missed the first. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.