A second weekend with James

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IMG_7979Having spent a weekend studying the first part of the Letter of James at Wembley in October, we were delighted to be back there this past weekend to conclude our studies of this significant book.

As part of our Extension Class Programme, making our curriculum accessible in classes around the country, each Module is taught over two weekends with additional assignments available for those wanting to take the classes towards a British Bible School award. Though most who come along to these classes choose not to do the extra work, a few do and are slowly working their way through our Applied Biblical Studies course.

We are delighted to have as many with us as are able to devote the time to what always prove to be rather intensive periods of study. Trying to cram the full Module syllabus into two weekends is just not really possible, but we do manage to cover a decent amount of material in the time available.

P1040255Apart from working through the book on a textual basis, we also explored the idea of Biblical themes, spending a couple of sessions examining major themes found within the letter and considering ways in which we might better understand the message of the book in light of the overall message of Scripture.

We hope to be back at Wembley next autumn, but in the meantime we are looking to host further Study Weekends in the spring in other locations. Please check for details.