14. Video Presentations

The video presentations for this unit were filmed and edited several years ago when the first edition of this module was published. They were originally distributed on DVDs.

Each lasts about thirty minutes although there are points at which you will be told to press pause and go and do something, so either allow more than thirty minutes each or be prepared to make a note and return later. These presentations are for your benefit and, hopefully, your enjoyment. Find the right time to watch and find the best way to watch actively. Get in the (good) habit of praying before you start and asking God to bless your studies. It is also helpful to spend some time in personal reflection at the end and ask God to tell you what He wants you to do with these lessons. Unlike a traditional lecture when once the words are spoken they are lost forever (unless your lecturer has written a book) these classes can be watched again and again.

The ABCs

This is a thirty-minute review of the titles of the books of the Bible. It may well be a refresher of something you already know in which case sit back and enjoy the programme but if you have yet to learn these facts now is the time to try. If you are working for BBS credit your target is to learn the sixty-six books of the Bible in the correct order and with the correct English spellings. You might start the course knowing this already, in which case praise the Lord and keep going. Or you may have to struggle for quite some time before you are ready to face an assessment. Please make the effort to get this right before you move on to the next video presentation. Hopefully you have picked up lots of other interesting facts as well. If you remember them, all well and good. If not, come back and watch the presentation again at a later date. Record your level on the self-assessment form.

  • Presenter: Steven Whitehead
  • Duration 26 minutes

The Right Place

This presentation reviews and builds upon the first presentation so it makes sense to watch them in the correct sequence. Having learned the names and spellings of the sixty-six books we need to place them in the correct categories of writings and understand what these categories are. Again, you may know much of this before you start in which case watch the presentation and press on. However, if much of this is new to you it will be a sound investment to spend as long as you need to master the facts before moving on. If working for BBS credit you need to be able to list the books in order and then have them in their correct categories as per the presentation (Torah – History – Poetry, etc.). Record your level on the self-assessment form.

  • Presenter: Steven Whitehead
  • Duration 27 minutes

The Right Time

This presentation introduces some material on time and how it is measured and recorded or, to use a technical term that is explained in the programme, chronology. Much of this presentation is spent in the Old Testament as these thirty-nine books cover many more centuries than the single century of the twenty-seven New Testament books. If working for BBS credit you need to watch the presentation and confirm that you have done so on the self-assessment form.

  • Presenter: Steven Whitehead
  • Duration 29 minutes

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