DLP Module payments

We are delighted that you have decided to study our Applied Biblical Studies course with us through our Distance Learning Programme. If you haven’t already done so, then please submit your Application Form and wait to hear back from us.

Paying for your first module (INT01)

Once you have been accepted as a student, please send your first Module Fee of £10 to us and complete the form below. The fees are nominal and go only a small way to covering the costs of the School. If you wish at any time to make a donation to the school, please feel free to do so by visiting our ‘Supporting the School’ page. Thank you.

Paying for subsequent modules

Once you have been accepted on a subsequent module, please send your Module Fee of £15 to us and complete the form below.

To make your payment, please:

  1. Send the module fee:*
    • £10 for “Introduction to Bible Study” (INT01)
    • £15 for subsequent modules as available
  2. Complete the following form and click ‘Send’ to send it to us.

* payments should be sent either by cheque, payable to “British Bible School”, to 36 Tintern Rise, Eye, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE6 7YL; or by bank transfer to 60-06-11 29098386, using your Student No. as a reference. The account is with the National Westminster Bank in Corby.

Thank you.

Student details

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Module payment

Details of module fees and how to send your payments are shown above. Please provide the following details:

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This is my module fee for

Please indicate how you are sending your payment (just so we know where to look)

If you need to let us know about anything relating to this payment, please use the space below: