INT01 Bibliography

A word to the wise: this is a complete list of all the resources referred to in preparing the full module ‘Introduction to Bible Study’ (INT01) and not a list of recommended titles. There are many recommendations in the body of the module and we endeavour to keep these up to date. Some of the items listed below are no longer readily available but while an out of print book may be found in a library or second-hand shop once a website is rewritten or closed down altogether it is gone, unless someone has made a copy for personal use. Therefore the dates given for books are the dates of the editions we used and the dates attached to web addresses are the dates we accessed them. Some of what follows have been recommended within the module text but others were merely used and sometimes only to show a point of view with which we disagree. If you want the full picture you will need to study the module but if you are just trying to find the details of something you remember reading about in your studies it should be here.

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