12. Sources for Resources

Most of the material covered in Sections 3-11 in this unit is based on many years of experience of me, Steven Whitehead, as a student, teacher, and preacher but is, of course, subjective in being what was available for me at the time I needed it. It has, though, been scrutinised by other members of the BBS Distance Learning Programme panel although the final decision as to what has been included is mine.

Resources that have helped include:

Bauer, David R., An Annotated Guide to Biblical Resources for Ministry (Peabody, MS: Hendrickson, 2003).

Carson, D. A., New Testament Commentary Survey Sixth Edition (Nottingham: Inter-Varsity Press, 2007).
Carson reached his 7th edition in 2013 but I have not yet used it.

Goldingay, John, Old Testament Commentary Survey 1991 Edition (Leicester: Religious and Theological Students Fellowship, 1991).
Now superseded by Longman (see next entry) but I like Goldingay’s comments so still use him.

Longman, Tremper III, Old Testament Commentary Survey Third Edition (Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 2003).
Longman reached his 5th edition in 2013 but I have not yet used it.

http://www.bestcommentaries.com 1
Almost too much to take in as it seems to list every commentary on every book in the Bible plus other relevant resources. Possibly best to wait until you have some experience in using commentaries before you spend too long (or too much) on this site.

See also the Tyndale House website for some useful links to academic library catalogues and booksellers: http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk


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