9. Unit Two Checklist and Self Assessment

Post itPlease Note: This should only be completed and submitted if you are studying this module for BBS credit.

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Please complete the following:

Student details

Christian/First names


Student No.

Email address


I have read and understood the following:

"A Reason to Study" Yes No 
"A Place to Study" Yes No 
"A Time to Study" Yes No 
"The Basic Skills – Reading" Yes No 
"The Basic Skills – Computing" Yes No 

I have completed the following:

• Considered motives and aims for study Yes No 
• Submitted Divine incentive Assignment Yes No  (this must be completed before submitting this form)
• Considered your physical working environment and planned changes where appropriate Yes No 
• Carried out the Time Audit Exercise Yes No  (this does not need to be submitted)
• Calculated your current reading speed Yes No 

I have watched and understood the following:

• Video Presentation One "Why to Study" Yes No 
• Video Presentation Two "Where to Study" Yes No 
• Video Presentation Three "When to Study" Yes No 
• Video Presentation Four "How to Study" Yes No 



"I promise that the answers I give below are true and accurate:"



Study environment and time schedule:

Please select whichever option is appropriate:

1. How would you describe your physical study environment and your weekly or monthly time schedule?

My study environment is:

My schedule is:

2. How would you describe your computing abilities? (5=Very Competent, 1 = Poor)

General computing skills 5 4 3 2 1 
Word-processing 5 4 3 2 1 
Use of Internet 5 4 3 2 1 

If you need to message your tutor about anything relating to this Self Assessment, please use the space below: