1. Introduction to Unit Two

This Unit addresses some of the more practical matters relating to study habits and practices. It is divided into four main sections, with some short accompanying video presentations. Much of this unit would be applicable to a wide variety of fields of study, and might be a useful resource to which to return from time to time.

Four main sections

The section, A Reason to Study addresses the subject of motivation and asks you to reflect upon your own personal motivations for studying the Bible.

In A Place to Study we consider a number of practical issues and make some suggestions which we think might be useful. It may not be possible to put into practice all the recommendations, but at least this should give you some ideas of how you might improve your physical environment.

With so many pressures on our schedules, A Time to Study addresses some of the issues of planning and making the most our time. One of the greatest challenges to successful distance learning is the setting aside of time to devote to our studies.

The section on Basic Skills looks at some of the more essential processes involved in study. These include reading habits and practices, plus a section on the use of computers which addresses their use in the fields of study and research with particular emphasis on good practice in use of the Internet.

Please note …

Community_Preparedness_icon_-_Noun_Project_8678_blue.svgIn the second section, A Place to Study, a number of suggestions are made with regards to the physical well-being of the student. Please understand that any advice is offered in good faith, based on our knowledge, our experience and the best information available to us. Students must take responsibility for their own decisions based on any advice or suggestions given. If you are aware of any particular health conditions which might affect your ability to study with us, you should seek professional medical help. Thank you for your understanding.

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