8. Video Presentations

The video presentations for this unit were filmed and edited several years ago when the first edition of this module was published. They were originally distributed on DVDs.

This was essentially one 37 minute programme, divided into four unequal sections, but presented here separately so as to be more easily accessible whilst working through the unit. You should watch the first section after reading the Unit Two Assignment Instructions.

The Why, Where, When and How?

This bit is the “Why?” bit in which we think about our motivation for study. You are also to consider specific aims you wish to achieve in studying this Module.

  • Presenter: Patrick Boyns
  • Duration 5 minutes

Where to Study

After considering the importance of motivation, we move on to look at the appropriate location. From choosing the right space to adopting a healthy position, we make a number of suggestions intended to make your study experience as fruitful as it might be.

But please note: any advice is given in good faith and subject to the conditions laid out in the module notes.

  • Presenter: Patrick Boyns
  • Duration 11 minutes

When to Study

Being in the right place and being there at the right time … we move on to look at ways in which we might make the best use of our limited time. This is a short section and the key word here is ‘scheduling’ or ‘timetabling’.

  • Presenter: Patrick Boyns
  • Duration 3 minutes

How to Study

The last of these four sections addresses some practical aspects of the process of actually studying. You will need to be particularly alert during one part of this presentation, and there are some bits in the second half which are already somewhat dated – but nevertheless useful.

  • Presenter: Patrick Boyns
  • Duration 18 minutes

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