2. Unit Two Assignment Instructions

DiscVideo presentations

After reading these instructions, the next thing you ought to do is watch the first part of the “The Why, Where, When and How?” video presentation. You will find this by clicking here, or by finding the appropriate page in the menu.

Once you have watched this first section, proceed through the Unit notes. Watching the video that accompanies each section as you go should help to illustrate and reinforce the lessons.

There are a number of Assignments for you to complete as you progress through the Unit, most of which do not require submission but are for your benefit to complete.

Unit assignments

In A Reason to Study, you are asked to reflect upon your own personal motivations for study. You are also to consider specific aims you wish to achieve in studying this Module – indeed this is a good exercise with which to begin each Module you study.

You are also asked to briefly comment on a number of passages and specific instructions are given in the notes.

In A Time to Study you are asked to carry out a Time Audit Exercise if you think you will find this useful to help plan for yourself a time to devote to your studies. Some forms are available to download for this exercise, but you may also find other means to achieve it. There is nothing to submit for this.

You should watch the video presentation “How to Study” before reading the section on Basic Skills. You will need to assess your own reading speed and comprehension, and consider whether there are ways in which you may be more efficient in this department, but there is nothing to submit here.

On completion of all assignments you should submit the Self Assessment Form.

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