18. Unit Five Checklist and Self Assessment

Post itPlease Note: This should only be completed and submitted if you are studying this module for BBS credit.

If you have not yet enrolled but would like to do so, then you will need to complete the enrolment process as described under “The complete experience” here.

Please complete the following:

Student details

Christian/First names


Student No.

Email address


So far you should have done the following:

(Items in bold are to be sent in for assessment)

• Read all of the study notes Yes No 

• Made a list of what you knew about Amos before engaging in further research (see Step Three) Yes No 

• Read or at least skimmed the Book of Amos Yes No 

• Drawn up a provisional outline for your essay (see Step Four) Yes No 

• Written rough notes based on your research, all correctly documented (see Step Five) Yes No 

• Prepared a Resource List (“Bibliography”) (see Step Six) Yes No 

• Made a Thesis Statement (see Step Eight) Yes No 

In addition to the items listed above in bold, I have returned the following for marking from Unit Five:

• Your final Outline / Table of Contents Yes No 

• Your Introduction, written out in full Yes No 

The body of your essay written in note form (put in all your sub-headings, correctly numbered, and then a summary of how you would have proceeded in each section, had you the time) Yes No 

• Your Conclusion written out in full Yes No 

• Your complete Bibliography (including all sources) Yes No 

Please check that all work is correctly named and identified (so that we can tell the difference between your provisional and final outlines, for example) and submit it for marking and assessment. If you are posting this (as opposed to submitting electronically) you may wish to make and keep copies of everything, just in case there is a problem with the Royal Mail.



"I have read the notes for Module One, Unit Five, completed all the work for this Unit to the best of my ability and confirm that the written work has been done by me, other than where I have used material from other sources which I have correctly documented:"



If you need to message your tutor about anything relating to this Self Assessment, please use the space below: