1. Introduction to Unit Three

While this unit is not so long as others in the module it is just as important and, given the nature of the subject, perhaps even more so. Therefore we urge you not to try to hurry through but rather rejoice in being able to spend time with God through His word. Keep praying and always allow yourself time to reflect upon what you are reading before you press on to the next passage.

We are continuing to look at introductory material and, yet again, we remind you that this is merely the first word on the subject and not the last. The Authority of Scripture (Module INT02) will take you much further but that must wait for now. Just be aware that what we look at together over the next few hours is so significant that it deserves – and gets – a full module later in the Distance Learning  Programme.

There are two parts to this unit. First you spend time reading and reflecting upon a selection of important passages of scripture. To help in this there are notes that link together the passages and questions to make you think about what they mean. Then you have a DVD presentation to watch, again with questions to answer based upon the content. Please think for yourself and give us your own opinions, backed by appropriate use of the Bible, rather than trying to guess what you think we might want to hear.

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