9. Video Presentations

The video presentations for this unit were filmed and edited several years ago when the first edition of this module was published. They were originally distributed on DVDs.

The presentations are of varying lengths and should be watched in order and as instructed in the notes.

The Bible in English – an Introduction

This is an introduction to the subject of the Bible in English. It looks briefly at the history of Bible translation before English was spoken and considers some of the basic problems of textual transmission.

  • Presenter: Steven Whitehead
  • Duration 13.5 minutes

A Brief History of the English Bible

This presentation does what it says on the tin – it’s a brief history of the English Bible and covers the following areas:

  • Early English translations (0.00)
  • The Sixteenth Century (2.12)
  • King James Bible (5.27)
  • Early Roman Catholic translations (12.31)
  • Translations from King James to the Revised Version (13.17)
  • More solo attempts (16.15)
  • The Revised Standard Version (18.33)
  • Some modern translations: from the New English Bible to the English Standard Version (21.33)
  • Yet more solo attempts (33.20)
  • Postscript: Bible translations of the early 21st century

  • Presenter: Steven Whitehead
  • Duration 38 minutes

Some Issues in Bible Translation

The presentation introduces a number of issues faced in translating the Bible from its original languages. It is only a brief introduction but might help to make the student aware of a number of areas that could be pursued later.

  • Presenter: Steven Whitehead
  • Duration 10 minutes

Guidelines for Selecting the Best Bible

This presentation provides some useful guidelines which will hopefully help the student make a better-informed decision when it comes to choosing the “best” Bible. At the end of the day, though some suggestions are given, this is a decision for the individual.

  • Presenter: Steven Whitehead
  • Duration 22.5 minutes

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