Psalms (OLD09)

OLD09-OEP-2022-poster-300 This module introduces the student to the structure, character and contents of this Hebrew songbook. A number of selected Psalms are examined within their historic and theological contexts.

This is one of our Old Testament Modules forming part of our Applied Biblical Studies course. Students working towards a British Bible School award will receive 5 Module Credits upon completion of all given assignments.

The Module will be offered as part of our Online Extension Programme for 12 weeks commencing 27th September 2022. To register for this Module, please complete this Module Registration Form.

Module details

  • Classes will be held each Tuesday evening on the Zoom video conferencing platform
  • Classes will run from 7.30 to 9.30pm with a short break for half time
  • The cost of the Module is £30 (waived for Friends of the British Bible School)
  • The class size will be limited to twelve students

Module content

  • The Book of Psalms will be introduced within the context of Hebrew poetry in general, and as a part of the literature of the nation of Israel.
  • The structure and content of the Book of Psalms will be explored with a view to gaining a greater familiarity with this significant section of Scripture.
  • A number of Psalms will be studied by means of providing an introduction to this ancient collection.
  • The various genres into which the Psalms might be categorised will be examined at length, and various examples of each will be explored during the course of the term.
  • Opportunities for personal reflection will be given throughout the duration of the Module.

Module outline

Unit 1 – Hebrew poetry
Unit 2 – A general introduction to the Psalms
Unit 3 – Exploring each genre of Psalm

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module the student will:

  • be familiar with the basic characteristics of Hebrew poetry
  • have a good understanding of the nature and content of the Book of Psalms
  • recognise and understand the principal genres of Psalms found within the book
  • be familiar with the role of the Psalms within the New Testament Scriptures
  • have a good understanding of a number of key Psalms found throughout the book.

For more details, please see the Module syllabus available here.