British Bible School Enrolment Form

BBS logo colour squareThis form is for those wishing to enrol on our Applied Biblical Studies course. This is a modular course and is accessible through our Online ExtensionDistance Learning and Extension Class Programmes.

You need to complete this form only once, when first enrolling as a student with the British Bible School. For each Module you undertake you will need to complete the appropriate brief Module Registration Form.

To enrol as a student of the British Bible School, please complete this form and click ‘Send this form’ to send it to us. You will also need to provide a personal statement – see below. Thank you.

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Personal interests, education and employment

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Your commitment to your studies

Each applicant must carefully read and agree to the following pledge of commitment:

“On enrolment with the British Bible School, I will strive to maintain the highest moral, spiritual, and academic standards, and will complete all work assigned to the best of my ability. I agree to abide by the rules of the school, as applicable to part-time students, and to approach all my studies seriously and prayerfully. In my personal conduct I will seek to honour Christ, and in my whole manner of life will seek to glorify God through the power of his Holy Spirit.”

I have read and agree to the above

Personal statement

You may use the space below to write your Personal Letter of Application, or alternatively you may attach a separate file or send a separate e-mail.

Please include information such as:
• how and when you were converted to Jesus Christ
• some highlights of your Christian life
• your spiritual growth
• your personal goals and why you would like to enrol with the British Bible School

I have written my Personal Letter of Application above, or attached or sent it separately  Yes No

Once you have completed this form, agreed to the pledge of commitment, please press 'Send this form' below to send it to us. Thank you.