Extension Class Programme

Recognising the benefits of learning in a classroom environment, classes are also held on a part-time basis through our Extension Class Programme during Study Weekends and short-term Study Breaks. With the ability to mix-and-match, students may access the curriculum through either our Distance Learning Programme or Extension Classes – or a combination of both – and work towards one of our internal awards.

What is a Study Weekend?

Study Weekends provide opportunities for students and others to take part in short periods of instruction in a group, classroom-based setting. Usually commencing on a Friday evening and running throughout the day on Saturday, students can expect a fast-paced, intensive approach, covering a significant amount of material from a selected module.

Standard 5-point modules require two Study Weekends to complete – usually about a month apart – with additional assignments offered as part of our Applied Biblical Studies course and to progress towards a British Bible School award. In order to qualify for Module credit, students are generally required to have attended all the sessions during the event.

If you have recently attended a Study Weekend and wish to undertake the additional assignments, please complete the ECP Enrolment Form. If you do not yet have details of the assignments, these will be sent to you.

What is a Study Break?

Study Breaks take the classroom experience a little further by providing students with the opportunity of studying an entire module within a highly-focused, classroom-based environment away from the cares of the world. Lasting from three to five days, these breaks provide opportunities for students to build helpful relationships within a healthy spiritual environment whilst working towards a British Bible School award.

Sessions are again limited to a maximum of 12 participants, and costs are dependent upon location and length of break.

Available modules

Both Study Weekends and Study Breaks allow us to offer any module within our curriculum, though preference is given to practical modules and those not currently available through our Distance Learning Programme.

To see what modules are currently planned to be offered through our Extension Class Programme, please see our Upcoming events page. If you would be interested in having us come to a location near you to offer any particular module, please get in touch and let us know.