Applied Biblical Studies

The name of the course we offer is Applied Biblical Studies.

The modular curriculum enables us to integrate our Extension Class Programme and Distance Learning Programme, providing both consistency in standards and flexibility for students.

The majority of modules offered are of a textual nature, leading to a fuller understanding of the message of the Bible. Understanding that the Bible is not simply a textbook, missional and devotional applications are made throughout the curriculum.

We aim to cover as much of the Biblical text as is possible. We also offer several introductory and general modules which help supplement the textual content of the course. In keeping with our commitment to mission, a number of new practical modules are being developed as an important part of the curriculum.

A modular curriculum

In order for students to benefit from a flexible approach to study, it is essential that we ensure a consistent standard across the curriculum.

Each Module is assigned a point value according to the minimum length of time needed to successfully complete it. A 5-point Module will require a minimum of 50 hours of study, whilst a 10-point Module will require at least 100 hours. The same point system applies wherever the Module is studied – either in class or at home.

This means that a student may study partially through Study Weekends or other Extension Classes and partially on a Distance Learning basis and still benefit from the same curriculum.

There are a number of Introductory Modules that are essential to progression and some Core Modules required for certain exit awards, but beyond that there is a good degree of latitude with regards to choice of modules and the order in which they are undertaken.

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