Evening Lectures Online

Our Evening Lectures Online are scheduled for Saturday evenings, once every two months. They will be on a wide variety of subjects – many of which are not necessarily associated with other material being presented through our curriculum – and will be presented by both regular and visiting speakers. For details of future events, please see below. All Evening Lectures Online will be available on the Zoom platform and can be accessed by clicking here or on the image below. All are welcome.

War & Warfare in the Bible 300 War & Warfare in the Bible

Saturday, 29th May 2021 at 7.30 pm

Warfare is present throughout the Bible. It is part of God’s plan that deals with sin, death, redemption, and restoration. In the Old Testament, God is the Divine Warrior engaging in warfare in the physical world through his people, Israel.

The Old Testament is part of the larger picture that comes to fulfilment in the New Testament where Christ moves the battle from the physical to the spiritual realm as he leads his people to victory over principalities and powers. Understanding the Old Testament accounts of warfare in their historical setting is essential to understanding God’s purposes.

Seen through the lens of the New Testament, we come to see that the warfare in which God wages had, and has, a spiritual purpose in winning the war against principalities and powers through Christ. Those in him are now charged to take up the battle. This is the third of our Evening Lectures Online.

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