Evening Lectures Online

Our Evening Lectures Online are scheduled for Saturday evenings, once every two months. They will be on a wide variety of subjects – many of which are not necessarily associated with other material being presented through our curriculum – and will be presented by both regular and visiting speakers. For details of future events, please see below. All Evening Lectures Online will be available on the Zoom platform and can be accessed by clicking here or on the image below. All are welcome.

William Tyndale‘The Most Dangerous Man in England’

William Tyndale and the English Bible

Saturday, 28th May 2022 at 7.30 pm

The story of how the Bible came to be translated into English and have such an impact upon the lives of ordinary people and upon the development of the English language is fascinating and exciting. There were many people involved in this endeavour, but one man in particular played a key role and that man was William Tyndale.

Regarded by his enemies as “the most dangerous man in England”, William Tyndale’s story reads like a thriller – full of intrigue, government spies, exile, betrayal, imprisonment, and ultimately death. But by the time we have read the story we are filled with admiration and gratitude for this courageous man and for what he achieved.

Please join us for this Saturday evening lecture as John Griffiths tell the story of ‘the most dangerous man in England’ in the sixth of our Evening Lectures Online.