From Eden to Egypt (OLD02)

From Eden to Egypt poster 300The student will be introduced to the importance of Genesis as the foundation document of the Scriptures, placing it in its context and showing its relevance to God’s purpose. This module will trace God’s dealings with mankind until Israel’s exodus from Egypt.

This is one of our Old Testament Modules forming part of our Applied Biblical Studies course. Students working towards a British Bible School award will receive 5 Module Credits upon completion of all given assignments.

The Module will be offered as part of our Online Extension Programme for 12 weeks commencing 21st September 2021. To register for this Module, please complete this Module Registration Form.

Module details

  • Classes will be held each Tuesday evening on the Zoom video conferencing platform
  • Classes will run from 7.30 to 9.30pm with a short break for half time
  • The cost of the Module is £30 (waived for Friends of the British Bible School)
  • The class size will be limited to twelve students

Module content

  • As the early part of the Pentateuch forms the principle text for this module, students will be introduced to issues concerning its authorship, date of composition, textual sources, etc.
  • Too often the Genesis account of creation is viewed only in the context of evidences and origins. This module aims to re-examine the Biblical text with a view to better understanding the whole purpose of God in his creation.
  • The major events recorded in Scripture from creation to the exodus from Egypt will be thoroughly explored and the student introduced to relevant background history.
  • The lives and influences of major characters will be examined within the context of the Biblical narrative and God’s redemptive purpose for his creation.
  • The ideas of election, covenant and promise will be explored through the lives of Abraham and his descendants with a view to setting in place a foundation for understanding God’s eternal mission.

Module outline

Unit 1 – Introduction
Unit 2 – Creation and the Flood
Unit 3 – Abraham – the friend of God and covenant of promise
Unit 4 – Isaac, Jacob and the children of Israel
Unit 5 – The departure from Egypt

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module the student will:

  • have confidence in the authenticity of the text of Genesis
  • be familiar with the geographical and historical settings of the text
  • have a balanced understanding of the creation texts and their significance for the Biblical record
  • have an understanding of the nature of the fall of mankind with a view to understanding the purpose of God for creation
  • recognise the importance of the genealogical records, the nature of election, and their relevance to the coming Messiah
  • recognise the significance of the flood narrative
  • be familiar with key personnel and events and how they fit into the Biblical story
  • have an understanding of the nature and importance of major Biblical covenants
  • be familiar with the exodus event and its significance to the Biblical story.

For more details, please see the Module syllabus available here.