Wembley Study Weekends 2018

Module: Isaiah (OLD11)

“Isaiah is possibly best known through a few quotations in the New Testament scriptures, but this book is full of richness and colour. This module introduces the student to the prophet and his writings within their original context amidst a turbulent political world.”

Dates: 2nd-3rd November and 30th November to 1st December 2018

Please see below for times.

Wembley mapWe are delighted to be back at Wembley this Autumn for another round of Study Weekends. These have always been popular with local believers, and classes are open to all who wish to join us. All sessions will be held at:

92 Barnhill Road

Study Weekends

Our Study Weekends are excellent opportunities for students of Jesus to immerse themselves in periods of intense Bible study focusing on particular sections of Scripture. In addition to the classroom experience, there is also opportunity to complete additional assignments to fulfil the Module requirements for the British Bible School Applied Biblical Studies curriculum.

Your teachers for these weekends will be: Patrick Boyns and John Griffiths, both of whom have invested much time in this book and in the Hebrew prophets in general.

Lunch on Saturday and light refreshments will be provided. Students are asked to make a voluntary contribution of £10 (or more!) each weekend to help cover our costs. Thank you.

Programme for first weekend
Friday evening

19.00 – Arrival
19.15 – Session 1 – Historic and political context 
20.00 – Break
20.15 – Session 2 – One, Two or Three? (Text and Deutero issue) 
21.00 – Goodnight


09.00 – Arrival
09.15 – Session 3 – The Prophet and the People (1) 
10.15 – Session 4 – Some Opening Remarks! (2-5) 
11.00 – Break
11.15 – Session 5 – The Glory of God and the Unclean Lips (6) 
12.15 – Session 6 – The Threat from Assyria and the Deliverance of God I (7-12) 
13.00 – Lunch
13.45 – Session 7 – The Threat from Assyria and the Deliverance of God II (7-12) 
14.30 – Break
15.00 – Session 8 – Israel and the Foreign Nations (13-23) 
15.45 – Farewell


Other information

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