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The current crisis

Whilst we are still in the midst of this coronavirus crisis, washing our hands frequently and maintaining our distance from most of those outside our own households, we are still not able to come together to enjoy the delights of being together and of Bible classes in the way to which we have been accustomed.

Home quarantineMany group leaders will understandably be looking at ways in which they can continue to nurture their own local communities at this challenging time, but we wanted to do something for those up and down the land who might either be feeling particularly isolated, or perhaps be in need of something extra to help pass the time as they work from home. We also recognise that there are many who are having to continue working under difficult conditions, and we are particularly thankful for their contribution to our well-being.

In light of this we are hosting a number of weekly Bible Classes online for the foreseeable future. These will be open to anyone who wants to be a part of a live, online class, and who has access to a computer or similar object. We have decided to hold these at 8 o’clock each evening, with one repeated on Friday afternoon. And you are free to be a part of whichever and however many classes you may choose.

We will also continue to host a Quiz Night each Friday evening to provide some light-hearted, educational entertainment! As we  look to plan the way forward, anticipating life slowly returning to some sense of normality, we would be interested in your input. So if you have been a part of this event, or are planning to be involved in the future, would you please take a couple of minutes and complete this brief survey?

Unlike our Sunday morning messages which we are continuing to host on YouTube, we’re hosting these classes on Zoom. You may want to download the Zoom client or app – you shouldn’t have to, but it would improve the experience if you did. Please find the schedule below. Clicking on the image or title should bring you to the relevant Zoom session. Thank you.

If you need help in accessing and using Zoom, please click here.

To download a full schedule of the third round of classes, please click here.

We have decided not to record live online classroom sessions so as not to impede participation and discussion. We will, however, be making available recordings of the presentations for any who wish to catch up or review the material presented in the classes. These will be available here.

To let us know your thoughts on these classes, and to help us plan the way forward, please take a few minutes to complete our survey here. Thank you.

Class schedule for twelve weeks from 14th September 2020

Poster for Psalms 300Monday

8.00 pm ~ The Book of Psalms

For 3,000 years the Psalms have given hope in times of despair, comfort in times of grief, and joy in times of celebration. The whole range of human emotions and experiences find expression in the Psalms. In this series we are seeking a greater appreciation of the Psalms by understanding the characteristics of Hebrew poetry, the different genres of the Psalms, and their enduring value in our times of devotion and worship of God. Click here for additional files.

Presenter: John Griffiths


Poster for 1st Corinthians 300Tuesday

8.00 pm ~ 1st Corinthians

This is a letter that sheds a great deal of light on the nature and conduct of early Christian assemblies, addressing a wide range of subjects. Opening with Paul’s thanksgiving to God for his grace to the Corinthians, he appeals to them to be united as one in Christ. From problems of sexual immorality and lawsuits against each other, to teaching on spiritual gifts and resurrection, this is a challenging letter for our time, as it was for the original readers.

Presenter: Jack Paton


Poster for Hebrews 300Thursday

8.00 pm ~ Hebrews

One of the most significant books of the New Testament Scriptures in helping us understand the work of Christ in the context of the calling of Israel. Here we take a look at arguments presented for the supremacy of Christ which are as relevant today as when first written. We begin to explore such matters as the priesthood of Jesus and the nature of his new covenant, meeting the enigmatic Melchizedek along the way.

Presenter: Patrick Boyns


Poster for Quiz night 2 ext 300Friday

8.00 pm ~ Bible Quiz Time!

Some light-hearted, educational, entertainment!

This really is for everyone – nothing too testing (promise!).

You might want to have a pen and paper handy – plus a box of choccies to award yourself if you happen to win. We’d love to present these personally, but under the present circumstances …

Presenter: Steve Whitehead