1. Patrick Boyns

    Panel programme filmed

    This afternoon saw further progress in the preparation of the Distance Learning Programme as several gathered at Loughborough to film the first of a series of panel discussion programmes aimed at illustrating various approaches to understanding the Bible. Under the chairmanship of Module One Tutor, Steven Whitehead, our guest panellists,...
  2. Patrick Boyns

    First study weekend

    Our first Study Weekend, held at East Kilbride in Scotland, was very well attended and seemed to be well received. Unlike a ‘typical’ study day, the weekend provided an intense period of learning covering the first half of our module on ‘The History & Development of Biblical Texts’ (GEN01). Classes...
  3. Patrick Boyns

    Single to Corby, please!

    Yesterday saw a landmark event in the rejuvenation of the town of Corby as the first train bound for London in over 40 years left the new £17million railway station. And it was spot on time! For many years Corby had been one of the largest towns in Europe not...